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A seamless information governance

Data governance  

The increasing number of information sources, the various channels of exchange and the needs raised by collaborative work require a perfect control and management of your data.

This daily management is provided by seamless implementation of your records management and archiving policies, complying with standards, through a unique platform which centralizes and manages this governance.

Spark Archives allows you to control, use, optimize, protect and control your data, records or archives.

Spark Archives accompanies you in this strategy and guarantees the long-term preservation of your information.


Repository and archiving policies

Your repositories and data sources are various, large and distributed within the organization, generating complexity and risks for a day-to-day management; you need to manage and control them.

Spark Archives provides global repositories insuring this governance : 

  • Business process workflows and software management policy

  • Preservation policy: integration of rules for transfer, filing, appraisal, preservation and disposal

  • Access policy : access rights, rules, and workflows

  • Security policy: access rights IT administration, audit trail, authenticity and integrity

  • Digital file format conversion policy

  • Storage policy : independence of digital and physical storage solutions

Standards and regulatory compliance rules

Supervisory authorities impose you regulatory obligations or specific standards compliance for your business activities.

Major legal and financial risks may come from non-compliance or wrong enforcement of these regulations.

Spark Archives helps you to deal with these issues  by implementing :

  • Secure destruction process guaranteed by an accurate management of disposal rules and regulations.

  • e-discovery functionalities that allows you to postpone the disposal in case of audit or litigations.

  • Data’s anonymisation, confidentiality level management

  • Reliable audit trail for records and archives managed inside Spark Archives platform

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