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A unified company’s platform

How about accessing your data in an unified way ?

Unified access to data is a major issue for organizations. However, the increasing volume of data and silo structure of information systems don’t allow to fulfill your obligations towards this essential business need.

To fulfill these needs, choose Spark Archives, a single data, records and archives management platform open and secure which enables you to ensure long-term preservation and access to your informations :

  • For every type of data and documents: business-specific applications and API, SAP, ECM, digitized documents, metadata, files and data
  • For every type of digital or physical storage :
    • E-Stores for digital assets : safes, WORMs, Bays SAN, LTO
    • Stores for analog content : internal storage facility management or outsourced storage management.

Spark Archives provides a full-fledged service unifying your records and archives management.


Your archived data directly accessible !

Due to multitude of informative sources and resulting infobesity  you are unable to access easily to your documents, although it’s more than ever important for organizations to facilitate information and data access.

Data access in compliance with access rights and confidentiality, simple and fast display of digitalized and electronic documents and records, or even their download for an offline access are essential for you nowadays.

Spark Archives, meets your needs with a unique access portal to archives which facilitates and centralizes search and access to your documents by offering:

  • A full-text search engine
  • Controls in terms of access perimeter, management of access rights and confidentiality
  • Direct access to data for authorized users through API’s
  • A user-friendly and accessible Web interface for all authorized users, to transfer, or to see and display records and archives
  • Possibilities for enhance semantic enrichment

A platform which is naturally integrated into your information system

Whether you chose to keep your data within your organization or to monitor storage outsourcing, Spark Archives accompanies you by providing :

  • An On-premise installation in your technical infrastructures or a private Cloud approach (SAAS)
  • A unique point of access for users through an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Several connectors enabling interfaces (API) with your business software tools and platform (email, ECMs, Billing and invoice process…)
  • Web API REST services
  • A secured access through several authentication technologies

Spark Archives, a solution provided by KLEE GROUP


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