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SAEE - Spark Ajantâ Electronic Edition

SAEE - Spark Ajantâ Electronic Edition - Electronic Archiving System

SAEE is a software package, which allows implementation of an Electronic Filing System (EFS) with an evidential value. It integrates functionalities for the capture of natively digital electronic documents, digitised by scanners, Multi-Function Printers (MFP) or smartphones. SAEE offers function for the :

  • capture of flows en masse,
  • faithful digitisation with timestamp and footprint,
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition,
  • validation of formats used,
  • control of electronic signature,
  • verification of digital footprint,
  • timestamping of logged events,
  • conversion management,
  • evidential archiving of digital forms,
  • and management of the life cycle of archived documents and their associated elements of proof.

Natively digital flows

SAEE is in a position to receive digital flows, whose evidential value must be ensured via the preservation of content and their associated elements of proof. It integrates in an ideal manner with professional digital flows. It offers a “Flow Publisher” connector, allowing the import en masse of PDF files coming from mass printing systems (RIP). It offers a “CMIS” connector, capable of retrieving essential documents managed in Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems. Its “IMAP” connector allows the collection and archiving of essential emails

Faithful digitisation and reliable copies.

In order to generate faithful and reliable copies, SAEE supports a wide range of multi-function platforms, with its MFP connectors for Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Sharp, Ricoh, Xerox, Fuki Xerox, Kyocera, and efi. The MFPs supported are configured to offer the functions regulated by faithful digitisation, integrating user authentication directly onto the Multi-function Printer.  The MFPs are programmed in order to integrate pre-defined digitising profiles.  Digitisation is governed by a processing workflow, integrating a footprint, timestamp, character recognition and evidential archiving of digitised documents and their associated elements of proof. The logging of digitising operations contributes to turning a faithful copy into a reliable copy, in the sense of article 1,379 of the Civil Code and its decree of application. In so doing, SAEE is a solution allowing consideration to be given to the destruction of original papers following digitisation, once this destruction has been preceded by a risk or regulatory analysis.. 

Automatic extraction of metadata.

SAEE offers analytic functionalities for documents. Entities named by organisational type, place or moral persons can be detected in the documents and emails analysed and serve to enrich their metadata. In addition to this type of analysis and according to the formats of the files, the self-bearing metadata of the documents can also be extracted (author, version and revision number, title, subject, etc.)
Finally, SAEE is in a position to extract the metadata peculiar to certain formats of files (EXIF, XMP, etc.)

SAEE user-friendliness, intuitiveness, simplicity

SAEE is a responsive web solution, which adapts automatically to the scale of your device. SAEE is intentionally simple and intuitive. It strives to bring the simplicity of a “drive”, while still owning the robustness of an evidential EFS.

SAEE and secutity.

SAEE was developed on the basis of the standard ISO-27034, a standard of the ISO 27001 family. SAEE is resistant to the Top 10 OWASPs.

SAEE and standards.

SAEE observes the standards set by OAIS, NF Z42-013, MOREQ, Dublin Core. SAEE produces daily, in accordance with its "audit trail", the NF Z42-013 linked log. The log of the archives’ life cycle carries the timestamped footprints of documents for transfer and their electronic metadata. The linking and the electronic seal of the logs allow the EFS’s integrity to be assured.

Positioning of SAEE in the range of offering from Spark Archives

SAEE is the 100% electronic solution from Spark Archives, dedicated to the mass archiving of digital flows. This software package inherits all the expertise from Spark Ajantâ Advanced Edition, while still concentrating upon electronic archiving.


SAEE is available in SaaS or for deployment On The Premises. 

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