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Project’s support and approach 

Spark Archives is a "turnkey" software integrated by our teams with a fast deployment. 


Data recovery and data transfer are a part of our approach ; we  offer assistance and dedicated tools for every type of data sources: Excel files, "proprietary" systems (Access bases) or other software.

The deployment of the solution is based on a proven and effective project approach, a change management process and specific trainings.

Spark Archives provides a flexibility of use thanks to:

  • A customized configuration adapted to business process and workflows in use within the enterprise
  • Customizations to handle specific needs in particular interfaces with other systems.


Support and maintenance

A reactive customer center  handles tickets and requests without delay, and accompanies on a daily basis users if needed. 

An evolutive and corrective maintenance manages the bugs and the software’s evolutions capacities and roadmap

Spark Archives teams ensure that they remain constantly attentive to the needs of their customers.


Hosting service

Business software solution editor and in charge of business-specific applications development, Klee Group has high-performance and secure hosting centers. Numerous enterprises and groups of the CAC 40 use this service.

By choosing to host Spark Archives in Klee Group Infrastructures, our customers have a single interlocutor who is at the same time an editor, an integrator and a hosting company.


Information system integration and technology

Spark Archives bases himself on robust and proven technologies: Java, Oracle, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch...

Spark Archives is accessible from all  Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).

Spark Archives address interoperability purposes  and can be interfaced with other internal or external business systems or applications. 

Spark Archives is modular and scalable, its enables to handle evolving needs within large organizations.

Spark Archives, a solution provided by KLEE GROUP


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