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Spark Archives, an Information Governance and Records Management solution


Take advantage from a unique solution for all your requirements regarding records management  activities

  • Business processes and content digitalization create new issues for organizations.
  • You have increasing volumes of data coming from multiple and eclectic information sources.
  • You wish to ensure storage and management of electronic and paper contents.
  • With cost optimization and process streamlining, Spark Archives enables you to meet the challenges of dematerialization.

Archive and display all kinds of data and documents.

Spark Archives platform offers :

  • User-friendly search and access features.
  • Transparent access to archives and records by most of business softwares.
  • Long term preservation of all informative assets, Standards and regulation compliancy, Protection against hardware and software obsolescence.
  • Safety is guaranteed thanks to access rights, authenticity, integrity, reliability and  evidence-value management.
  • By integrating your solution to your  business workflows, information transactions are eased and secured
  • A 3-tier solution allowing integration in your technical architecture.



Spark Archives, a solution provided by KLEE GROUP


Spark Archives
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