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Best records management and archiving practices

Records management activities improve with digital archives management

Communication, access and transfer processes for data, records and archives must evolve with the businesses digital transformation. We propose adapted features to these new practices, aligning them up with business, legal needs and  best records management practices

Spark Archives provides a records and archives management platform enriched by various functionalities covering , by design,  all record management  processes (Transfer, Communication and Consultation, Preservation, e-discovery, Disposal) as well as a logistical monitoring of storage facilities.

Dedicated functionalities and modules for paper and digital records

Do you want to optimize your workflow, process data from heterogeneous sources, respect records lifecycle ?

  • Ensure a seamless governance of repositories: classification plan, retention and access rules, organizational entities, profiles and users rights, data privacy.
  • Control logistic aspects related to paper archives, and associated flows and processes for digital and electronic records, all at the same time
  • Offer configuration and evolution abilities: simplified management of metadata, forms, and editions
  • Keep control on your records and archives even if they are outsourced. Offer a steering view on your activities through statistics and reporting functions.

Discover complementary modules adapted to address specific business needs and cases: invoicing, tracker, external storage provider through EDI, thumbnail and viewer, conversion, migration, record processing, mass processing, semantic enrichment, …

Standards compliance

Conformity expectations within your business require quality, security and compliance!

Spark Archives is compliant with the latest up-to-date principles and standards: ISO 15489, OAIS standard, NF Z42-013, ICA REQ, NF 44 022 (SEDA), ISO 14 641.

Spark Archives contributes to your Electronic preservation platform certification projects by providing you with methods, advices and solutions to facilitate NF 461 implementation processes and rules.

Spark Archives experts are members of the main associations in records management, data governance and archives ; ICA, AAF, eFutura… They are also experts in ISO committees for  information management and digital preservation. They can help and advise you for a successful implementation of your projects. 

With an experience of NF 461 certification, Spark Archives consultants experts are able to accompany your projects of certification by providing the necessary documentation required list for NF 461 certification (DDTS, contribution to PA, auditor guide, administrator, users, owner).

Our central concern : Security

Spark Archives is a software editor which integrates a security by design  approach. Spark Archives implement continuous improvement process on its software solutions. Security and safety integration approach are based on a safety and security management system which is conform to level 2 of OWASP ASVS  requirements (part of ISO 27034-X standards).. The safety objectives are defined on an ASVS basis, implemented, verified and improved in a PDCA approach.

Spark Archives supports safety needs by integrating the structuring principles of NF Z42-013 standard . Spark Archives software produces each day sealed lifecycle record logs of events that occurs on a daily basis, containing timestamped sets of sealed hashes of records and documents on which events occurred.

These logs are chained, also archived as real archives to ensure their long term preservation alongside all the other informations.

Spark Archives, a solution provided by KLEE GROUP


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