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Scan2Spark - Scanning in Spark Ajantâ

Scan2Spark is the faithful digitisation solution integrated with Spark Ajantâ.

Based on Autostore® technology from the Kofax® Company, Scan2Spark allows the digitising of any paper document to turn it in a digital archive.

Scan2Spark manages your multi-function printer by integrating faithful digitisation in the printer’s control panel. If you prefer to scan documents using your office scanner, Scan2Spark is equally helpful with this task. Feed your documents into the scanner or MFP to produce faithful copies. Do you need to use your smartphone’s camera to take a probative picture of a document or object and send it to Spark Ajantâ? With the Business Connect solution, this is as easy as sharing a photo on Facebook or Instagram. 


Scan2Spark pilote votre copieur multifonction en intégrant la numérisation fidèle dans le tableau de bord du copieur. Si vous préférez scanner les documents avec votre scanner de bureau, Scan2Spark est également votre meilleur compagnon. Insérez vos documents dans le scanner ou dans le MFP pour produire des copies fidèles. Vous avez besoin d'utiliser la caméra de votre smartphone pour prendre une photo probante d'un document ou d'un objet et l'envoyer dans Spark Ajantâ? Avec la solution Business Connect, c'est aussi simple que de partager une photo dans Facebook ou dans Instagram. 

A faithful copy conforming with regulations.

Scan2Spark offers you a “Faithful copy” workflow, which does all the tasks necessary to turn your digital copy into a faithful copy. Whether the document is the product of your scanner network, office scanner or multi-function printer, the digitising workflow gives you guidance. Select the document type for digitising, place the paper documents into the tray or over the glass and Scan2Spark takes cares of everything else. The programmed-in and documented configurations for each document type are applied automatically. A PDF document is automatically generated with a timestamp and electronic sealing providing evidence of the digital copy’s creation date. A digital footprint of your digitised and timestamped document is made.

From faithful copy to reliable copy

By archiving the faithful copy with Spark Ajantâ EFS, Scan2Spark transforms your digital document into a reliable copy. Documentation of the system and digitisation records are also archived in accordance with regulations. The reliable copy is now stored in your Spark Ajantâ NF Z42-013 EFS with all the probative elements, you may choose to discard the paper document, after having checked whether regulations allow that for source documents!!!

Automatic extraction of metadata

Scan2Spark generates faithful copies, yet equally allows the adapting of “Faithful copy” workflow to add more tasks: 
  • ADR - Automatic document recognition. 
  • Automatic document reading - reading with OCR extraction of content from structured or semi-structured documents
  • BCODE - Code recognition for 1D or 2D bar charts
  • OMR - Optical mark Recognition or recognition of marked fields or other markings within a document...

Spark Archives is Autostore® certified by the Kofax® Company ,

Our Nuance certificates

  • Kofax Business Connect 7 Technical Training
  • Kofax Autostore 7 Technical Certification for Implementation
  • Kofax Autostore Certified Administrator (ACA)

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Spark Archives, une solution éditée par KLEE GROUP


Spark Archives
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